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3 Most Important Elements When Menswear Shopping?

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To be an accomplished dresser takes time and effort in curating the perfect wardrobe that tells your style story. Every time you head out to pick up something new, to get the best result, have these three elements in mind. Fit, Function and Fabric.  These are the three elements of your clothing that you need to focus on most. They should be at the forefront of your mind whenever you’re looking to add a new piece to your wardrobe. Below we will briefly go through each of the F’s and explain what they mean. Ideally you should be focussing on each element equally but if you’re strapped for cash, evaluate them in the order they’re mentioned above.  


In menswear, the best dressers would all agree that the fit of a suit is the most important aspect of your attire. It is the first and easiest thing to notice from near or far when looking at a suit. In the interest of keeping this post short, were not going to go through every aspect of the perfect fit here. It’s important to know that good fit generally will not come off the rack and most garments will require tailoring, to some extent, in order to fit your body type correctly. Having said that, the closer the fit is to begin with, the easier the alteration will be. Don’t forget, even though tailors can work wonders, not every aspect of an item of clothing can be tailored. So getting that off the rack fit pretty close is an important first step, particularly the neck, shoulders and length. It’s much easier to shorten clothes than lengthen them!


Next up is function. Whatever you’re wearing needs to be appropriate for the event or intended purpose of what you have planned to do in the outfit. It’s a good idea to dress well, but this doesn’t always mean a three-piece suit and a tie. Dressing for the occasion is important. You can still dress slightly above the typical standard, just know what is expected of the situation. Often you can dress the same as the next guy but if you’ve covered the other two F’s properly, chances are you’ll look good regardless.


Finally, the material that the garment is made from. This is an important factor for a number of reasons. Firstly, the comfort for the wearer. Different materials have different feels, drape on the body and (depending on how they’re constructed) different levels of warmth. The majority of quality menswear is made of wool or cotton (and a lot of the cheaper clothing is made from synthetic fabrics). If you can afford it, don’t get garments that will be worn close to the body out of synthetic fibres. They won’t breathe like natural fibres will. Fabrics are quite a complex subject but if you’re just starting out, sticking with cotton and wool should keep you out of trouble.


That’s it for this short post. We hope it’s given some pointers on what to look for when you next head to the mall. For many men, going shopping for new clothes (or shopping at all) isn’t something they want to actively be involved in. So just having a few little tips to make the process easier should assist in building the most valuable wardrobe for you, both in appearance and overall cost.

Cheers, Gentlemen

Brock Alexander

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