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5 Things to Consider When Starting or Refining Your Style Journey

5 Things to Consider When Starting or Refining Your Style Journey

Dressing well and taking care of your appearance is back in style for men (it really should never have left). Dressing well is both a form of good manners and shows self-respect. Who doesn’t want that? Yes, there will always be men who don’t care for their appearance, but this should not affect the way you choose to present yourself as pride in your appearance will reap many benefits.

There are many guys out there who would like to take their appearance to the next level but see the cost of an entirely new wardrobe and the seasonal fashion trends changing as an endless pit of money that they will need to invest in to stay in style. While menswear can be expensive, especially when curating an entire wardrobe of it, men are in a unique position when it comes to curating their own personal style. The word “style” is key here. Not “in fashion” but in your own “style”.

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Menswear is a perfect industry when it comes to curating a wardrobe tailored to your style without constantly needing to replenish items. You don’t need to hand over copious amounts of money to achieve the collection and look you want. If you’re just starting out building a new wardrobe in an attempt to make a stylish and versatile collection and reap the benefits that is coupled with it, we’ve given you 5 things to think about when planning or shopping for your wardrobe to save you money and poor decisions in the long run.

  1. You don’t need an extensive wardrobe

If you select items for your wardrobe that are interchangeable and complimentary, then you can maximise the number of looks you can create with a minimum of pieces. This is an economical approach to building an impressive collection of your clothes. This created the illusion that you’ve got a vast and expensive wardrobe, when, you’ve just applied some forethought about how each piece can work with other pieces you have.

As an example, Antonio Centeno (founder of Real Men Real Style) often posts brilliant infographics on how you can change up you look into many variations with just a few carefully selected pieces. We’ve attached below one of his posts which exemplifies our point. 15 thoughtfully purchased items can create a massive 162 outfits!!! Think about that for a second… that’s almost enough combinations to only wear the same outfit twice in a year!  That’s the power of intelligent purchasing, gents.


Sure, it’s nice to buy new things and we all know that retail therapy is a real thing but for those of you who are deterred by the cost of dressing well, the above example shows that if done right, it doesn’t have to break the bank.

  1. You don’t need to follow trends

Individual style doesn’t follow trends. Your personal style is developed through what you’re trying to say in your choice of attire. Trends are something developed by fashion houses in order to create more income for themselves by telling you that you need new items twice a year. By developing your own style, you negate the need to constantly be shopping for new pieces and chasing trends. This obviously doesn’t mean that buying new clothes stops, more that you’re curating your collection with intent and not being told what you need. As mention above, everyone knows retail therapy is a real thing, so there’s no way people are going to stop shopping! Another tip, if you like a classic style like us, your choices with remain current no matter what year it is.

Image: FashionBeans

  1. Always choose quality over quantity

This is one of the most important parts of this post. Particularly, in menswear, when talking about suits, shoes, time pieces and hats. Not only is it obvious to the eye in formal attire, but it’s also the longevity you’ll get for the extra money you pay. In addition, spending the extra money on shoes, timepieces and hats is more justifiable as they’re not items that you’ll grow out of and high-quality items will last. You may grow out of a suit (if you’re unlucky) but when you think about what amount the suit makes up of an overall outfit, it’s the part people will see, so make it worth their while.

Something about clothing makes it instantly obvious if it’s quality or not. Pay attention to how you look, because everyone else will pick up on it too. Anyone can ruin a great outfit with a careless item. Whilst the larger items are the first seen and considered to be most important by many, we feel you cannot neglect the finer details. If you’re a style mogul, all you need to see I a flash of a beautiful wristwatch from under a cuff to instantly boost the respect and admiration for someone’s sense of style and self-respect. That’s what it’s all about. Completing your look and paying attention to details.

Image: Melbourne Watch Company

We love this watch from Melbourne Watch Company. Australian made at amazing prices. Check them out and Support Australian Businesses.

  1. Choose your wardrobe intelligently

The main idea behind this tip is to think of your clothing collection as a unit when you’re looking to add items to it. Buying individual items just because you love them in the store often will lead to you realising you’ve made a mistake when you get home and hang it up next to your existing clothes. “What am I going to wear this with?” Then you find you’ll have to add other random items to your wardrobe just so you can wear that piece you bought when you weren’t thinking! To get the most effective and intelligent use of your purchases, make sure as many items as possible complement each other to give you the most options possible each time you step out.

  1. Attention to detail matters

Once you’ve curated a wardrobe you’re happy with, there is still the minor but important detail you need to pay attention to each time you suit up to finish off your outfit.  Paying attention to intricate details of the clothing when you’re about to step out can make the difference between looking put together and looking sloppy.

Image: Brock Alexander Accessories

By simply paying attention to what items you already have in your collection and being smart about new garments being added, you can easily create a wardrobe that is very practical and is complimentary without buying a huge amount of clothing. This approach allows you to spend more money on individual items which are of quality and save you money in the long term by not buying loads of cheaper things that are only in fashion for one or two seasons. Keep this in mind next time you’re shopping.

As a final tip, shop with intent. Make a list of items you’d like to add to your wardrobe over time when getting dressed for different occasions, that way you’ll know what will compliment what you have and you will be focussed when shopping in store or online and won’t get distracted by unnecessary items.

Cheers, gents

Brock Alexander

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